The Stresspert | The Timeout Box
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21 Mar The Timeout Box

A famous psychologist named Fritz Perls is quoted as saying, “Lose your mind and come to your senses.” In our daily lives we are so wrapped up with our thoughts, that we often forget to connect with our actual senses.  As the pressures of the day build, we feel our hearts racing, panic sets in and things feel more and more overwhelming. That’s why, even as an adult, it’s important to give ourselves a “timeout.”  The idea for this “timeout” box came about when a teacher asked me how she could  to calm herself in the middle of a busy day in her classroom, without using traditional means such as meditation.  She said she wanted to “put calm in a box” and I thought, why not?!  Igniting our senses, by touching a calming element, forces our brains to take a break from the mental clutter and whether you’re using soil, rocks, or even sand, the result is the same, you can finally take a deep breath and let go of the rest. You can make a timeout box out of anything, but I had success using a succulent planter box with a lid, which can be found at any local home and garden store.