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16 Mar The Stresspert | Detox Toddy

So what if you want to be healthy and you still like to drink?

Probably not, but your resident Stresspert has figured out a way to make cocktails as clean as they can be and actually have cleansing properties! Check out Detox Toddy!

I would love to live in a stress free world where I felt as euphoric over a shot of wheat grass as I did a nice chilled vodka, but that’s not reality. The reality is I down my wheat grass every morning, but I am also a mother of a very active toddler, so come bedtime sometimes I need my booze. So a few years back I decided to become a self proclaimed “mixologist” of detoxing cocktails. At first my “detox” cocktails were an inside joke with my girlfriends at my social gatherings. I had Brian on a strict diet for his cancer recovery and I didn’t want to be a total hypocrite, so I would make myself what I called, “The Fresca”. The Fresca was a cocktail packed with Vitamin B and C without the sugar, since drinking can deplete your bodies of vitamins. Then as time when on and I learned which foods stress the body out which foods bring harmony to us I made it my mission to make fun cocktails with healthy elixirs to balance the effects. I by no means claim or believe a cocktail with alcohol can cure aid any ailments. I just feel if you are going to drink, which many of you are, why not toss the soda and…