The Stresspert | Stress Hack “Set The Party On Fire”
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30 Jan Stress Hack “Set The Party On Fire”

Most people have STRESS and ANXIETY over what may be holding them back from their goals in life.

BUT rarely to you go to a party where you have fun and actually get over your fears!
At my last dinner party, mini log stumps were my place card holders. After dinner I invited each guest to write something on their log about what that they believed was holding them back. Over a toast we all burned our shortcomings, and learned that no one is perfect. Read on and find out why letting it, “Burn Baby, Burn” can actually improve your health and reduce stress.

When you write down what you believe is holding you back then physically burn or destroy it, our brains releases dopamine which gives us a natural high. I wanted my guests to experience taking a negative memory and turning into a positive intention!

The Native Americans have been doing something like this for centuries and they call it a fire ceremony. For these ceremonies everyone brings 2 items, one from the past they’d like to rid themselves of, and one with a prayer request for something new, then throw these items into the fire and watch them burn, turn to smoke and release into the ethers. They believe that this allows the past energy to move along to its highest spiritual progression path and the new prayer request to move along its highest spiritual progression path.

Another reason to incorporate fire into your party is staring at fire for 15 minutes reduces blood pressure by as many as 3-6 points! Studies also concluded that people were more likely to relax by the fire than anywhere else.   So if you want your guests to chill out and have a goodtime consider a fire pit next party!