The Stresspert | Stress Hack “Perfect Party Favor”
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30 Jan Stress Hack “Perfect Party Favor”

Making party favors can be STRESSFUL!

But getting to know your guests at a party is good for your health.
For a dessert favor, take graham crackers, marshmallows and a piece of chocolate and stuff inside mini-bags. Tag each with sayings such as: “S’more Love, S’more Fun, S’more Friends.” Better yet- have your guests tag their own, illustrating what they desire S’more of in their lives! Every time I do this favor I learn something new about my guests. My parties have seen everything from S’more Shoes to S’more Sex!

The first problem is the majority of us put the emphasis on the planning of the party rather than on connecting with our guests. We are so busy running around we never have time to enjoy ourselves.

Taking the time to hang out with friends actually has tremendous health benefits. A new study, published recently in the Huffington Post, shows that connecting with friends, without distraction, can dramatically decrease levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

So make sure that when you’re planning the party, you’re focusing on ways to personally connect with your guests. I love creating fun party favors, but now my favors focus on activities that bring us all together and help us learn more about each other. My favorite type of party favor is one that has my guests feeling gratitude for their life and for one another. This is one of my favs.