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01 Feb Reviews | The Tile

I tend to lose everything. My keys, my wallet, my purse, my luggage, you name it, I have misplaced it. It is not wonder I invented the light up handbag.  So now I can see into the dark hole of my handbag, but that doesn’t help me when I actually lose said purse. My sister, knowing I have tried everything from colored key chains to a barking key finder,  decided to end the agony and reduce my stress by buying me, The Tile.

The Tile advertises that it will, “Find your phone, keys, anything.” So I needed to find out, could I REALLY, find ANYTHING and if so HOW?  The pamphlet says, that The Tile is a tiny blue tooth tracker which can attach onto or placed into everyday items. Then their easy-to-use app will help you find that item when it’s been misplaced.  When you hit, “find” a loud tune will play until you find the item. We decided to attach The Tile to everything possible, my keys, my luggage, my socks, my dog and even my daughter. The good news is that I found most of my things pretty easily. The bad news is that it only works within 100 feet. So thankfully my daughter, dog and keys didn’t get very far. But if you are the type of person who loses things “outside” your house, this may not be the gadget for you.

However, I still give The Tile a 9 on the Reduce-Stressometer. Reason being, if you lose your phone the Tile is not useless. With their “ring your phone” feature you can push the tile and wherever your phone is, it will begin to ring. So not only does your phone find your Tile, but your Tile finds your phone. Also, the app will help you back track as it automatically remembers the last place it tracked your item before it went out of the blue tooth range. So I came to the conclusion, if you are like me, and have a hungry couch swallowing all of your personal belongings or a toddler who hides them, The Tile is a great solution for you!