The Stresspert | Why Anger Rooms Are All The Rage
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30 Jan Why Anger Rooms Are All The Rage

Experts say that anger paves the way for stress-related illness. So it is no wonder that Japan’s ‘Anger Rooms’– where you literally break things to relieve anxiety – have arrived in America. The locations have mock rooms of a house where you can destroy everything in “your kitchen” if you like. The first U.S. “Anger Room” is in Dallas, but if you can’t fly to Texas to relieve stress you may be able to try this at home!

In a safe area, like an outdoor patio, wearing protective goggles, smash some old plates to blow off some steam! Remember the goal is to release harmful anxiety not harm yourself or anyone else. So bring a broom for clean up and play it safe!
 Here are a few of the benefits of relieving stress by breaking things in a safe and controlled environment:
  1. It can help us gain insight and clarity.
  2. It actually helps prevent violence because you are relieving your anxiety and pent up emotions!
  3. It can be motivating! Physically releasing the anger can help you over come frustration and become.
  4. Breaking things releases endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s response to pain and stress and they help alleviate anxiety and depression. Similar to morphine, they act like natural sedatives. Interestingly, laughter will also help us to release endorphins.