The Stresspert | My Stress Story
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My whole life I have been STRESSED.

Meet Kara Kurcz | The Stresspert

Now I've devoted myself to turning Life Into Lemonade.

My Stress started young. I am the oldest of 4 sisters and therefore the one who should have been a “boy.” When I was 5, I decided I wanted to be Barbara Walters, but I was also REALLY good at singing TV jingles. Ever since, I’ve wondered if I should’ve instead pursued a career in TV jingles.

When I was 6, my Dad bought a beta camera and that is when I knew, someday I would move to Hollywood.

At 10, I decided I wanted to be the next Annie. When I was old enough to audition, Chicago cancelled the production.  By 18 I was going to be an award-winning journalist like Tom Brokaw, or get drunk and write like Hemingway. Instead, I did both and ended up in Reality TV.

PICTURED LEFT: 3 years old. RIGHT: 23 years old. (This is not my dad’s famous Beta camera, but my husband does call this my first director’s moment.)
PICTURED: Mr. John Walsh & I
My first job after college was “America’s Most Wanted” in Washington, DC.

My supervisor told me that I was a great writer! Then he told me to dumb it down and start writing for TV. So I pursued Directing. My first Directing gig was a rape and murder re-enactment, that I also starred in. Sigh.

I eventually got my acting break on a TV Guide show. You only saw 1/3 of me because 3/4 of the screen was the channel guide scroll.
I decided that TV sucks. I invented the “light up handbag” with my husband. I had celebrity clients. I was in magazines. Then the recession hit and I lost everything.
PICTURED: E! The Daily 10
PICTURED: Another proud moment for my parents was a bit I participated in while working on the show “Girl’s Behaving Badly”. This was a snap shot from a prank we did about “Cheese” made from imported breast milk.
So I decided to make a movie about being broke.
Then my husband got cancer. It was time to change our lives and focus on health. Instead of chemo we decided to “cook” cancer’s ass and 5 years later my husband is considered cancer cured. This was my first taste of how sweet lemonade could be.
PICTURED: Mr. & Mrs. Stresspert
Unfortunately, when I became a mom I found myself in the ER and realized… LIFE IS NOT JUST ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT, BUT HOW YOU LIVE! Stress, caused me to suffer ocular migraines and a myriad of other health issues. I realized that my life story of turning life into lemonade was leading me to this very moment. I not only needed to find a better work-life  balance but a life-stress balance as well.

Now I have devoted myself to becoming your personal “stresspert,” and finding fun ways for you to combat today’s number 1 killer, stress. I am turning “Life Into Lemonade,” so you can relax and learn how to stress less.